The URL no longer exists, it redirects to, our one and only home and HQ. It’s the same exact set-up and catalogue-like straightforward design. We haven’t changed anything but the name. The way we run things (no ads, no sign-ups, no pay-per-download) will always stay the same. We are a dedicated lot and this project means everything to us. 

This place started out as a personal blog, a single person’s initiative. With time, more people joined in to help maintain and run this website - it became a team effort and a shared responsibility. Calling it was no longer appropriate so I proposed we changed it to something that would reflect our spirit and how we do things – that’s how DAREBEE was born.  

We dare to be here, we dare to stand for what we believe matters and try our very best to make a positive impact on the world. For all of us from the core DAREBEE team fitness is more than just about looking good – it’s about feeling good, being in control of our bodies and enjoying being alive. It is also about our identities, how we see ourselves and what we want to bring into the world. You will not find a single ad here or an ulterior agenda – everything is exactly what it looks like. 

We believe that fitness should not be complicated, it should not be boring and it should not cost a fortune. It should be made this accessible so everyone has access to it no matter their circumstances. As Darebees we make it our purpose to make it so. 

Whoever you are whatever your reasons you are welcome here.

Neila | Darebee Team