Modifications / Exercise Alternatives

If you are recovering from an injury, have a mild disability that prevents you from doing certain moves, have bad knees or are suffering from back pain and you want to avoid high impact exercises but you still want to stay active and try some of the workouts from this website, try these modifications.

The modifications will also be suitable if you are trying to keep the noise you make to a minimum – it’s handy if you live in an apartment and your neighbours are … not very understanding people.

Reduce the pressure you put on your knees by replacing high knees with march steps and jumping jacks with step jacks

Cardio Modifications

Reduce the pressure put on your knees by replacing squats with wall squats and jump squats with floor taps

Squat Modifications 

Take the pressure off your shoulders and upper body during push-ups by replacing them with knee push-ups, wall push-ups or incline push-ups:

Modifications / Exercise Alternatives - Pull-Ups 

Replace mountain climbers with cross climbers or towel sliding climbers to reduce noise and the pressure you put on your knees:

Modifications / Exercise Alternatives - Climbers

Use a sofa to elevate your static and/or dynamic planks if you find them too hard or if you struggle with a lot of extra weight. 

Modifications / Exercise Alternatives - Planks


Note: The modifications provided are not equal in intensity with the original exercises but something is always better than nothing. Most of these work the same major muscle groups and combined with other moves in a routine will make a difference.